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Hello Internet

Kicking off my blog with the mandatory "Hello World" introductory post... More posts about software, technology and science to come!


This is the first post on my new blog, and I’m really excited. I hope to write more in the coming weeks and months, especially about technical and software-related topics. My goal is to write about current software side projects and things I’ve learned, all in the spirit of “Stay curious, keep learning”. Depending on how that works out, I’ll adapt if needed.


A few topics I’d like to cover soon are AI, Rust and how I set up this blog, to give some ideas in case you would like to do the same. In the meantime, as this blog is entirely open source, I invite you to check out the source codeon Github, fork it, make it your own, or whatever you want.


I hope to learn something useful from this experience and gain some more experience building websites. Writing down ideas and summarizing problems is a good exercise, all while improving writing skills. A blog also let’s me document findings and ideas for later use or for someone else to be inspired.

And maybe I can even help solve a problem on the way or motivate to learn something new!

Feel free to comment on any post, give feedback, suggest improvements, correct me or whatever else you think is appropriate.


- Ulysse